What if I’ve been shunned, removed, exiled? Am I still a part of the movement? Or have I been deserted? Do I have what it takes, Or has all my energy been exerted? In the light of day, Do I appear to be sublime But when it gets dark out, I am less than divine?…

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Bedtime Tea

Just like this tea, I am in need Of some sugar, honey, and maybe cream So hot and spicy This ginger tea To ease the pain Of my unsettled woes To ease the strain On my severed hopes To soothe my throat After all this crying To give me life When I feel I’m dying Just…

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Everyday is a Holiday, a poem

From the day you were born And almost 9 months before I knew that I’d love you Forever and more From your cute little curls To your ten little toes The way that you hug me Really warms up my heart The smile on your face Is all that I need I never imagined I…

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