My River and Me

I’m looking right at you

You’re looking at me

The tension is high

As I draw you in

You’re acting so cool

Like you don’t need to swim

But my river is refreshing

And you desperately want a dip

The water is calm

For now

While you’re admiring my allure

From over there

I invite you to at least dip your toes

You stay where you are

So nobody knows

Meanwhile there’s a fire with my name on it

And it’s calling to me

It doesn’t aim to distract me

But it offers what I want


My river is calm


The tension is strong

I don’t lose sight of you

But I can feel the heat

The fire is getting closer and hotter

Without much effort

The waters begin to move


You try to look away

I feel the cool breeze

Against my now warm skin

I don’t like how you tease me

But now I’m hot within

The flames are all around my body

They’re dizzying my mind

I can feel a strong wind now pushing me around

I lose my sense of stability

The waters flowing rapidly now

The stream is almost violent

I can’t fix my eyes on you

But I can feel you there

Your breath all around me

I’m feverish

Cold and warm

The sweat drops on my skin

Become like ice and then melt and evaporate

While I’m left on the river bank

With nothing to rest my head on

Fire and wind

All around me

Swirling together

In the most uncomfortable way

How did I let either of these elements

Swoop in and overcome me?

How do I clear them

So it’s only my river and me?

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